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Index of places by type

Libraries and Archives
Libraries and Archives  Archives
Libraries and Archives  Libraries
Memorial places of scientists
Memorial places of scientists  Residences and workplaces
Memorial places of scientists  Statues and sepulchral monuments
Museums and Collections
Museums and Collections  Art Museums with scientific instruments
Museums and Collections  Ethnographic anthropological and land Museum
Museums and Collections  Natural Science Museums
Museums and Collections  School's Collections
Museums and Collections  Science and technology museums
Museums and Collections  University Collections
Places of science and Worship
Places of science and Worship  Churches
Places of science and Worship  Monasteries
Places of technology
Places of technology  Fortifications
Places of technology  Hydraulic works
Places of technology  Manifactures and industries
Places of technology  Measuring time
Places of technology  Ports, stations and railways
Places of technology  Quarries and mining parks
Places of technology  Streets, squares and bridges
Places of technology  Theaters
Public Health places
Public Health places  Former psychiatric hospitals
Public Health places  Historical Hospitals
Public Health places  Historical Pharmacy
Public Health places  Institutes of assistance
Public Health places  Thermal Baths
Scientific Research Centers
Scientific Research Centers  Astronomical Observatories
Scientific Research Centers  Universities, institutes and academies
Villas and Gardens of science
Villas and Gardens of science  Botanical Gardens
Villas and Gardens of science  Villas and historical gardens
Villas and Gardens of science  Villas and Medici's Gardens

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